5thCent Entertainment vs. ThePlankton5165 is a YouTube event that turns out to be a battle won by ThePlankton5165 after 5thCent retired. It ran from August 5, 2013 to February 17, 2014 when 5thCent surrendered.



  • 10 August - 5thCent announced the termination of which was GlobeVote, but it is now GloRe Chart.
  • 15 August - After returning from vacation, ThePlankton5165 figures the August 10 event out.
  • 24 August - The last straw comes when ThePlankton5165 shockingly and prejudicely becomes banned from all 5thCent Entertainment.
  • 25 August - ThePlankton5165 bans 5thCent from most wikis he had created then. ThePlankton5165 and 5thCent became even.


  • 7 April - It was announced that ThePlankton5165's ban may be permanent. Therefore, 5thCent's ban may also be permanent.
  • 6 May - ThePlankton5165 founded Xiysiekz + Zellyx Wiki. However, he didn't block 5thCent yet.
  • 5 August - This is the year anniversary of the warfare starting.


  • 21 February - 5thCent is finally blocked from Xiysiekz + Zellyx Wiki. The reason stating "5thCent! That wikia is made by Plankton5165! You're banned from everything made by Plankton5165!"
  • 27 June - 5thCent got the worst card in season one of Dead Meat Scores of 110.
  • 10 August - Just like the GlobeVote project lasted for two years, it's been two years since the project has been announced terminated.