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Some are banned from anything that has to do with ThePlankton5165. That includes created wikias and voting charts. All of them are also charting characters in The Crazy Character Voting Program.

  • S0i gang (2011-2013) ~ Disowned for messing up with Supernanny wikias. Also disowned for creating sockpuppets to cause more vandalism.
  • Reunion Gag (2013) ~ Disowned for making an episode so incorrectly, and death threats.
  • TheCashleySlash (2013) ~ Disowned for attacking ThePlankton5165.
  • RobinCoasterTycoon1 (2013) ~ Disowned for attacking ThePlankton5165.
  • Uhsting (2013) ~ Disowned for attacking ThePlankton5165.
  • 5thCent (2013) ~ ThePlankton5165 is the rival of it. Disowned for declaring war, disowned for stupidity, and banned from anything that has to do with ThePlankton5165 or Plankton5165. 5thCent also fervently treated him like a terrorist.
  • WooManEater (2013) ~ Disowned for death threats and vandalism at the Supernanny Fanon Wiki.
  • Tellthetruth24389 (2013-present) ~ This user is the icing on the cake; disowned for attacking ThePlankton5165 in a similar way as TheCashleySlash, RobinCoasterTycoon1, and Uhsting; but attacked ThePlankton5165 even more. Even duplicated WooManEater's acts in the Supernanny Fanon Wiki.


  • PB&Jotterisnumber1 (2011-present) ~ An admin on some Supernanny wikias.
  • Japanlover86 (2013-present) ~ An admin on the Supernanny Fanon Wiki.
  • TSChartShow (2013) ~ ThePlankton5165 asked TSChartShow how it makes an amazing top 40 video. TSChartShow said with AVS Video Converter.

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