This is the main, strict policy of this official wiki. Feel free to ask an admin if you have any questions.

The rulesEdit

  1. Lack profane language visibility ~ It is fine to use profane language. However, revealing it will not be tolerated by some means. Do not reveal the bad word. Instead, you can cover it like (bleep), w****, or s(&@. Also, do not uncensor the bad word in any transcripts. Otherwise, you will most likely be given a warning, and as you choose to carry on, you may get another warning or your account may get a temporary or permanent block.
  2. Unnecessary edit warring ~ That means reverting another edit consecutively. That is against the policy, unless you're an admin.
  3. Harrassment ~ Personal attacks are against the policy. Respect the admins.
  4. Vandalism ~ Do not vandalize, like inserting nonsense and gibberish into pages. Otherwise, this will lead to a warning, then maybe another warning or a block, and as you continue, there may be a permanent block.
  5. Sockpuppets ~ Do not abuse multiple accounts. If they are vandalism-only accounts, they usually get blocked. Don't keep it up. As you make more accounts, admins will monitor the wiki to check if there are any accounts that use part of your original username. One admin blocks the account ASAP unless the account is not vandalism-only.