This is a list of charting characters in the first season of the series that's actually in the Supernanny Fanon Wiki, called The Crazy Character Voting Program.


  • Plankton5165 (June 17, 1999) (Is owner, certainly votes in all episodes)
  • Chartfanlover (April 21, 1988)
  • PB&Jotterisnumber1 (January 27, 2000) (Also an admin)
  • Japanlover86 (November 15, 1999) (Also an admin)
  • Xfactor1234 (December 30, 1985) (Also an admin)

The month, date, and year displayed is DOB of the voter.

Youalldeserveto****ingdie Inmyopinionyouare****ingdeadEdit

He's married to April Bond. They have two children: Queenie and Cameron. He's considered as the most deadly father in SNFW history. He killed six sons total.

In The Crazy Character Voting Program, people ususally rank him at first place, giving his exceedingly suicidal acts.

In episode 5, on Charfanlover's chart, he is tied.

5thCent EntertainmentEdit

The last straw came when she banned ThePlankton5165 across all her charts, but she is now currently chartless (as of December 19, 2013). Originally permanently banned, but because of Chartfanlover, the ban weakened to last until the New Year of 2015. Rumour still has it that she, not only has the duplicated fate, but she is banned from anything ThePlankton5165 founds, including the wikias about her charts.

In The Crazy Character Voting Program, she has since peaked at number two. ThePlankton5165 and Chartfanlover rank her really high, but Sophie the Otter ranks her low.

In episode 5, Chartfanlover ranked her tied with Stacie Todaro, who falsely claimed that Rico swore one million times.

Oksana Velykazhinka, Freak Foor, and Unstoppable Missy FloorzEdit

Those three consist of one team. Freak Foor's gender is set to female since Oksana Velykazhinka, who is female, owns it. Unstoppable Missy Floorz's gender is also set to female since it's owned by Freak Foor, which is owned by Oksana Velykazhinka.

In episode 6, all three got into one team.

In episode 5, when Chartfanlover reviewed on Oksana Velykazhinka, it was revealed that Chartfanlover was 25 years old by that time, saying that she was 25 and she behaves better than Oksana Velykazhinka.