The last straw came when 5thCent Entertainment blocked ThePlankton5165 across all of the 5thCent Entertainment charts, as well as every page about it. Rumour has it that she, not only has the same fate, but is charting in TCCVP in the Supernanny Fanon Wiki. She is also an antagonist in Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl, and the protagonist in the Ji woong's Exam Challenge series. Remember the warfare started when ThePlankton5165 created a B-side??? Well, ThePlankton5165 is winning. Also, the B-side is now TESVP. The B-side didn't really have a name, later becoming TESVP and multiplying by 3, since it originally had 50 positions but expanded to 150, with a modified plan on five teams containing thirty songs each. Months later, the rules changed. And special thanks to Chartfanlover, who is one of the voters in TCCVP, appeals resulted his ban being reduced, until New Year's Eve, 2015, which is also the 400th anniversary of the considered end of the Chaiko Family Line, which did not really end, since members were disowned for marrying members of the Todaro Family, which is still ongoing.