The voting chart was formed in August by ThePlankton5165. It received an official name and tripled its length. However, months later, the rules changed, making it akin to the planned chart in 2014. In the first episode, only two people voted. Anyone, excluding the disowned, is free to vote. The disowned includes the now retired 5thCent, WooManEater, Tellthetruth24389, and S0i gang. Maybe 5thCent should take exams. 5thCent considered TESVP a battle (that ThePlankton5165 has won). The battle lasted for six months. The two people who voted were ThePlankton5165 and Chartfanlover. Chartfanlover was given seven times the voting power (3.5x for winning a hangman round, and 2x as it was close to her twenty-sixth birthday.)